I'm moving :,(

It's true! I'm leaving blogger and converting to wordpress. I've already converted everything over (including all your comments) and I'm in the process of fixing everything up over there, so it's not looking too pretty at the moment, but I'm really excited about having my own domain!

I just wanted to thank everyone who reads my blog here, and thanks to those who've commented and said nice things :D I wub you all! And I hope you'll come over to my new blog and say hello :D


(I'm not going to be posting on this blog anymore)


design-ed - Portfolio

Design-ed is the creative and branding practice of Ed Watt. He has a great collection of work, definitely worth checking out! He says he loves a good cup of tea so he's OK in my books.


100th Post!!!!

Celebrate good times, COME ON!

To commerate this special day I have two images:

This one is made by me, don't mind Bob, he NEVER approves.

This image is by guest illustrator Amy aka A-deau and the Boobie-deau aka My little sister. What says Awesome 100th Post Party better than a hot blonde with rocking tits? NOTHING. Thats what.

Made by Six - Portfolio

No, not Blossoms best friend, but a brilliant creative consultancy from Leicester!

Cardon Copy - Redesign awesomeness

Have you ever seen a Lost cat poster and been too distracted by the terrible typography to care about the cat? Apparently, you're not alone! Cardon Copy has taken these crimes against design and replaced them with something more aesthecially pleasing. Follow the link to check out the rest of them, they're all beautiful! http://cardoncopy.com/index.html

Click image to enlarge