I went to see it last night at the IFI in Temple Bar with a post screening Q&A with Gary Hustwit.

I'm not going to try to write a review a) because I'm not good at writing reviews and b) because Allan Chochinov has already written a really good one here. That pretty much sums up my feelings about it!

I really enjoyed it, my favourite part was anytime the Bouroullec brothers were on screen (which wasn't enough in my opinion!). Gary Hustwit revealed after the movie, the part we didn't see was every fifteen minutes they'd have huge fights where they would shout at each other, and then the next minutes be smoking cigarettes and talking calmly!

The most exciting part of the night for me was when he mentioned his next project. He didn't give any clues as to what it might be about but I can't wait to hear more! He talked about how he thought of Objectified as a follow up to Helvetica and how he's currently working on a third movie. He even went so far as to compare the three movies to Star Wars or Lord of the Rings!

I bought a poster after the show which was only €10 (available for $20 online) which seemed really resonable, and when I got it home and unrolled it, I realised it had been signed by Mr Hustwit himself!! Niiice :D

(I turned on the camera flash because without it the picture was just flat grey, when the poster is a really nice silver)

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