Typography in fashion

I've been (slooowly) tidying my room and came across this Friis scarf that I bought and never wore!

I don't think my love of typographic graphic design translates into my clothes, but I do own a House of Holland tee which, unlike my scarf, I wear a LOT.

Here's some more fonty fashion:

This is the HOH tee I own. I bought a medium and it's huuuge!!

Helvetica necklace from Plastique on Etsy. More fonts available too :D Sweet!

And from one of my favourite bloggers - check out Nubby Twiglets shop (and while your there check out every post she's made EVER) for this rather lovely number tee. Do it now, I command you!!!


  1. Some really great t-shirts there, and I agree, that Helvetica necklace is awesome! I wonder if they do one in Georgia.... (that's 'my font' that I always use lol, how sad).

    Unfortunately, the fash pack have moved on to graphic tees this season... type and lettering seem to have dropped off the radar. Go in Topshop and I'm sure you'll see what I mean. Oh well =/ Who wants to follow every trend anyway!

  2. I think everyone has a font that they can't seem to break away from :P Mines Futura!

    Yeah, I never really like graphic tees, I'm very much a plain white tee sorta girl!