Irish Museum of Modern Art - Project

This was a little project I set up for myself one day when I had nothing better to do. I was browsing the IMMA website and the whole design struck me as being very un-modern. I decided then to make a new logo for the museum, and maybe try to make a quick site redesign while I was at it.

This is the old logo, the first one taken from the header of the site. I played around with the eye image, trying to make it more interesting but I really wasn't feeling it. Because I was technically the client on this one, I wrote it out of the brief :P

I decided to just use the letters "IMMA". For a bit more interest I added a wavy line to some of the applications. When I made the line, I got a little excited thinking about it being used in motion graphics. For me, it brought the whole thing together.

As for the colours, I went with green and pink. The green representing Irish-ness, the pink was from the websites favicon - which is a pink feather.

Eyes, fingerprints, feathers!? You see now why I felt they needed a redesign :P

For the logo I was largely inspired by the simplicity of the MoMA NY and San Fransisco. They were two logos I always liked.

I spent a lot of time designing the logo and a few applications, and a little less effort on the site. I realize the design may be a little restricting of the content but I feel the design is an improvment on the sites current layout. I just think theres too much there at the moment. Theres four different menus on the homepage, I tried to trim it down to two (the footer menu isn't in the above image).

My favourite part is the business card, I'm really happy with how it turned out. If it were printed I'd probably want some gloss details on the logo on the back of the card.

Let me know what you think!! Better or worse?

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  1. Loads better :) I really like it actually, the pink and green work well together and give it a bit of a 3D glasses effect lol which I think looks cool. I agree the site poss. needs a bit more work but its definitely an improvement. YOu should contact them and show them what you've done - never know, they might like it! :) I like the envelopes best. Nice one.