Dublin Bus Rebrand - Part 2

Some photos I took to expand on this post about the Dublin Bus rebrand. My photography skills are poor, and everything was so damn shiney! It seemed like I couldn't get any really good pictures.

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Prepaid Smartcard. I really like this design. Below is the old design for the prepaid tickets.

This is the ticket you get when you pay on with change.

This is the old version of the previous ticket. The machine would just spit out a random length of ticket (the one pictured is about 7 inches long, but the next time you get the bus it could be a quater of the size). The new tickets are smaller and more consistant in size.

A notice on the bus stop

Nitelink timetable

Nitelink logo.

This is the old Nitelink ticket. Fug. You can see the old bus design here, but for the sake of your eyeballs I'd recommend you don't! It's just the above ticket printed huuuuge on the side of a bus.
I don't know if they've made any changes to the bus design itself. I hope they did.

I spent all weekend looking out for these adverts on the sides of the buses, and didn't see any for long enough to get a picture. The top one was taken when I was sitting on a bus outside the Blanchardstown Shopping centre, the bottom photo was taken from my boyfriends apartment window. Obscured by the tree is the logo with the new tagline "The Bus. Do you get it yet?".

So far so good :D I'm really a big fan of this rebrand and everytime I see a new application of it I get a little bit excited.

Still on the list of pictures I'd like to record for this "project":
  • Old prepaid bus tickets (I must have a ton of these lying around)
  • Some more adverts/posters/notices
  • Timetables
  • Leaflets
What does everyone think?

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