MUJI - clever branding!

In Biology I used to sit beside a girl called Katie, she was pretty, smart, super nice and all round cool person, but the thing I was most jealous of was her sweet collection of MUJI stationary. 

Nowadays my pencil case is full of pens and other stuff from MUJI. They have a store just off Grafton Street and I'm pretty sure that I could live there. I love Japanese stationary and design, I just think it's so simple and clean.

Something else I love about MUJI is the tongue-in-cheek approach to the creation of the identity. Anyone who can read Japanese knows this already. The first character, 無 (mu), means “without.” The second character, 印 (jirushi), means “brand.” “Muji” is simply short for “Mujirushi Ryōhin” or “brandless quality goods.” 


Anyway, visit the store or website and drool. I sure do! 

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  1. lol becs out of dan and becs says slick. i shall call you becs. i wonder if the tallagh one will be the same people? i hope so.