Logolounge Logo design trends 2009

Logolounge have released their annual logo design trend list. 

The hidden image logos are really nice. I actually saved the Gander Mountain one (red deer) a while ago, and didn't notice the duck and the fish in the antlers! 

It's interesting to see that photographic logos are still appearing in the list, because it's so hard to get it right. I definitely think these ones have gotten it right!

Another photo logo I like is the new Swanswell logo (it was featured on BrandNew a few days ago.) 

When the trust approached us last year with their chosen, legacy name, we were a little unsure at first until we began to see that the “well” at the end of the word could be of use. Various typographic experiments followed, before the discovery that a piece of paper, crumpled at one end, could act as a suitable metaphor for someone’s life smoothing itself out.
— johnson banks Project Description

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