Ros Shiers - Graphic Design

I love her delicate illustrations, sooo girly! 

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I was at this event and they were giving out free prints of the posters designed by the three illustrators who spoke at it, and I really wanted to grab this one but by the time I got through the crowd they'd all been taken. 

I don't mean to sound like a snitch, but people were totally breaking the one poster per-person rule. I can understand wanting to get one of each of the designs, but people were just grabbing three or four of the same poster! Ahh I'm just bitter I didn't get the one I wanted :P

It really shows how much I love Ros's style, that I was itching to get this poster even though I'm pretty sure I can't stand to look at Agyness Deyn's face for much longer.

I got the poster made by Jonathan McHugh instead, which once I got it out of the darkness of the venue, I realised it was way cooler than I had originally thought. 

The lettering on the above is by BrenB

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