Felix Lobelius - Graphic Designs

Some really awesome work from Mr Felix Lobelius who lives in Oz. The country, not the fictional prison. 

I hate that they stopped making Oz, and also a bit pissed about what they did with Alverez at the end. He was one of my favourite characters! He also did the voice of Jackie in the Darkness computer game, which Mike Patton also worked on (he did the voice of The Darkness) I know Oz ended like 6 years ago, I should be over it, but I'm not. I heard that Kirk Acevedo guy got fired from Fringe too. Fringe sucks anyway.

Mike Patton also did the voices for the creatures in I am Legend, and for some mysterious reason gets credited on one of the GTA games (Vice City or the one before that)

I retain a lot of useless information, but always forget important things. Like putting in a link for Felix Lobelius's site! 

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